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How do I book a party?

Please call 847-895-2340 to book your party.


A $100.00 non-refundable deposit by Visa or Mastercard is required to secure your party date over the phone. You will pay the balance less the deposit on the day of the party.

How far in advance should I book my party?

Generally the weekends fill up 8-10 weeks in advance.


We are open Tuesday thru Sunday for parties.


We recommend booking early to ensure you get the date of your choice.

Who else will be in the party facility at the time of my party?

All parties are PRIVATE parties and by appointment only.


You will have the entire facility to yourself and your guests during your scheduled party time.

When should I arrive to the venue?

The earliest we can let you into the venue is TEN MINUTES prior to your scheduled time slot. 

Can I bring in my own food?

No, we do not allow outside food or beverages in the party facility.


All food is catered through our facility. We have different options for food and cakes to suit almost everyone. Please ask for additional menu options when booking your party.

What if my child has allergies?

Generally, if the birthday child has an allergy, we ask the parent to bring in separate food for the child with allergies.

Do the party guests need to wear something special since they will be changing into costumes?

Yes, we recommend that guests wear a leotard or body suit under their clothes as they will be changing in and out of costumes in a common area.

Do you carry dress-up shoes?

We do NOT carry dress-up shoes. Please note on your invitation that guests should bring their own shoes.

How is the make-up applied to my child?

The make-up is put on with disposable q-tips and thrown out after use.

What is the tipping policy?

There is an optional hostess gratuity for the party hostesses running the party. We add a 15% hostess gratuity on parties of 10 or more. If you have fewer than 10 guests, tipping is up to your discretion.

When do you have to provide a final headcount?

We prefer to have the final headcount & final party details 5 days prior to the party.


Please keep in mind that we staff based on the number of guests you confirm. This will be the amount you are billed on the day of the party.

Can I take pictures & videotape at the party?

Of course! You are welcome to videotape and take pictures. We also offer photo packages and can have your photos ready for you to take home the day of the party.

Can boys come to the party?

Absolutely, boys aged 3-6 ROCK the party! We carry prince and superhero costumes for boys, and offer temporary tattoos in place of a makeover.


Please note if boys will be in attendance when confirming your final headcount.

What happens if a guest arrives late?

Your guest will have to join in the party while the party is in progress. They will still be charged the full amount.

What happens if the hosting family arrives late?

If you are more than 15 minutes late past the start time of your party, a $30.00 late fee will be added to your package.

Can I bring in alcohol for the adults?

We understand life can be fun with some bubbly but unfortunately there is NO alcohol permitted in our party facility. We thank you for understanding.

If you have any further questions, please contact us!

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